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Field Middle sparks curiosity,

builds integrity, and inspires change.


Through hands-on, dynamic, integrated projects, Field supports middle school boys to build:


Awareness of their talents, how they respond to challenge, opportunities for growth, their impact

on those around them, and the roles they play in their families, communities, and the world.


Confidence to explore, be vulnerable, challenge themselves and others, try new things,

be creative, and express their authentic selves.


Connection with their peers, their teachers, their families, and their community.


Purpose to use what they learn about themselves and the world to create positive change.


The admissions process will be as much about making sure each boy is a good fit for the school

as it will be about creating a collective experience that will allow boys to learn from,

grow with, challenge, and support each other.


Why is this so important?


We need a school to:

  • challenge boys academically

  • address the gender, racial and social disparities boys see and hear everyday 

  • cater to the unique learning styles of boys

  • understand the developmental needs of boys during the middle school years


Field strives to offer a private school experience that meets the needs of boys and includes families of different races, religion, family makeup, and economic background. A key component of our model is generous financial aid and  actively building a culture where everyone feels welcome.

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