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How it started


The Peninsula School for Boys began when each of us, on our own independent searches for a middle school for our sons, couldn’t find what we were looking for. We each envisioned a school specializing in an educational approach tailored for boys: hands-on learning, integrated curriculum, projects that allow boys to build and create, and—perhaps most importantly—provide a safe space to enjoy successes as well as failures and experience the emotional complexities that come with the middle school years.


Finding that this type of school existed for girls but not for boys, we started talking about the need for an all-boys school. Gatherings at coffee shops, excitedly talking about our shared vision, quickly turned into regular meetings and multiple phone calls. Those conversations expanded to friends and educators and it was clear there was a wider interest in an all-boys school on the peninsula. We knew we were onto something.


While both parents of boys, we come from diverse backgrounds. Teri helped create a single sex middle school in the East Bay and taught there for over a decade. Suzanne was an Associate Dean of Students in her life before kids and is an avid volunteer at her boys’ schools. What we share is a vision for creating a unique middle school experience for boys on the peninsula.


Our boys need it. Our community needs it. And it hadn’t been done yet,

so why not start?

Teri Handelman

Suzanne LaVigne Gibbs


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