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You have questions? We have (some) answers!

Q: Where is PSB located?
A: We are located on the Notre Dame de Namur campus in Belmont, along with plenty of deer and the occasional wild turkey. Our site is within walking distance to Caltrain and a beautiful park. 

Q: Language? 
A. Si! We currently offer Spanish and will assess and add as appropriate from there. 

Q. Art? Music? Drama? 
A. PSB has a robust program when it comes to art, theater and music. This is core to who we are and what we want to put into the world. PSB boys enjoy art, music, and drama, as well as all the hands-on fun like set-building, prop-creating, costume-designing and more. 

Q. Team sports?
A. Absolutely! Our students can join teams for flag football, cross country, basketball, and soccer. 

Q. What's this about a Workshop?
A. Central to the PSB mission is for boys to make, create, build, and iterate. We have built a well-equipped Workshop that allows our boys to design, build, weld, tinker, sew,
forge and pretty much anything else they can imagine. 

Q. Will the curriculum be project-based?
A: Yes, and! We believe that project-based learning can deepen the understanding of cornerstone concepts, especially in the middle school years. However, we have a lot of other awesome instructional strategies and assessments to broaden learning skills and make learning irresistible. We also know that students need to graduate from middle school with the more “traditional” skills, like knowing how to perform well on standardized tests, take precise notes from lectures, and understand how to read and decode a textbook.

Q: What about learning differences?
A: PSB is open to all kinds of learners. We have found that, often, boys who have potential learning issues in traditional schools actually thrive in an all-boys, hands-on school where their physical and emotional needs are consistently addressed. However, PSB is not designed as a school for students with learning differences or disabilities and we will not have a learning specialist in our pioneer year; as part of the admission process we will assess on a case-by-case basis whether a particular student will thrive in our environment. 

Q: How does PSB assess and grade?
A: PSB provides unique depth and insight when it comes to assessing our students. Rather than letter grades that do not specifically evaluate students' strengths and areas for growth, we use standards-based grading and regular student self-reflection to break down fixed mindsets, develop a common language between student and teacher, and constructively inform goal setting. In this format, students shift from worrying about competing for grades to understanding that they can take ownership and leadership for their own education.

Q: How does PSB compare to other private middle schools?
A: PSB is inspired by both East Bay School for Boys (EBSB) for boys and Girls Middle School (GMS) for girls. That said, we realize we have the rare opportunity to build a 2021-and-beyond vision of what a boys' middle school can be, and that is one of the most exciting aspects of this school. We can determine what a progressive, inclusive, compassionate, curious, determined, challenging, and most importantly, IRRESISTIBLE curriculum looks like for our students. 
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