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Meet The Team

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Jason’s belief in--and experience in making--irresistible learning spaces has fueled his career of being a founding teacher and leader in three schools across the Bay Area: Julia Morgan School for Girls, East Bay School for Boys, and, now, Peninsula School for Boys. An inspirational, thoughtful, and visionary educator, he is committed to fostering intentional learning communities with significant purpose, and is driven to inspire change through creating mission-driven and values-based schools and communities. Jason creates dynamic environments in which students and staff feel seen, are held equitably, and have agency to become lifelong learners and leaders.Over his years as a teacher and leader, Jason has discovered that providing a safe space for boys to be boys and also to be vulnerable enables them to access their authentic selves and to learn that real power comes from empowering others. He believes that teaching this

to boys at a critical point in their development—middle school— is essential to dismantling racism and misogyny and in creating the

critical thinking change agents

our world needs.


Corine Brouwer

Build & Director of Operations

Corine is a dedicated and passionate educator who has spent the past 25 years helping students of all ages reach their full potential. Originally from the Netherlands, Corine earned a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Physics for Secondary Education from the University of Applied Science in Utrecht and a Master's in Education from the University of Amsterdam. Corine's teaching experience includes teaching chemistry and physics in the Netherlands, as well as instructing in the teacher training program at the University of Rotterdam. In 2015, Corine and her family moved to the United States, where she earned a second Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Brandeis University in Boston. For the past eight years, Corine has been teaching and inspiring students and colleagues in the Bay Area. Corine is also a proud mother of three teenage sons and enjoys traveling with them to ski, camp, hike, and explore the beautiful outdoors. Together, they embark on exciting adventures and create unforgettable memories. Corine is grateful for these moments of connection and loves watching her sons grow into adventurous and resilient young men.


Ryan Dawson
Social Studies and Music Teacher, Advisor, & Director of Organizational Development

Ryan's education career started right out of college when he founded a tutoring business in the Bay Area. Over the next decade he helped students of all ages reach their academic potentials. More recently, he has taught history, English, and futurology at schools in Thailand, Texas, and the Bay Area, including a 1st grade

micro school he founded during the pandemic, and most recently at Nueva Middle School. He is most at home when discussing the epic situation modern humans find themselves in, interpreting change in society and self to comprehend the present so that we can better envision and enact personal and collective futures. Having received a BA in Psychology from UCLA and a Masters in Industrial Psychology from USF, Ryan is fascinated by the mind's workings, prizing above all the joyful freedom that arises when creativity, talent, and passion merge in people. Ryan also loves music - he played drums as a kid, performing in bands throughout high school and college; nowadays he mostly plays piano and dabbles in digital composition. In down time, he plays tennis or pickle ball, watches films, and spends time with family and friends - hopefully all on the same day!

Jason Baeten

Advisor and Head of School

Matthew Eck. Profile Picture.jpg

Matthew Eck
PE Teacher, Advisor, & Director of Athletics
and Facilities

Matthew is returning to the West Coast after growing up in Oregon. He spent 4 years overseas in Thailand and Spain, and the past 2 years in Illinois. He has held many positions over the last 12 years, revolving around teaching, coaching or directing athletics. He received a BS in Health and Physical Education from Southern Oregon University and an MBA in Sports Management from Universidad Católica San Antonio De Murcia in Spain. Matthew loves soccer and has played in a few amateur leagues, including the NPSL, UPSL, and Spain's Primera Aficionados division. He is passionate about creating an environment that inspires curiosity and perseverance. His programs are focused around building self-esteem, and confidence while creating a positive culture conducive to learning. Matthew loves spending time with family, traveling, playing sports and being outdoors. He is excited to get involved in the community and make new friends!

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Ned Fluet
Build,English Language Arts, & Director of Expeditions

Ned began his teaching career as a junior-high English teacher in a rural area of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Following Tanzania, Ned pursued a legal career during which he continued to teach students constitutional and criminal law as well as trial advocacy skills. Upon learning about PSB and its unique mission, Ned changed careers and returned to his love of teaching. Ned also has a passion for public service and has served the Town of Woodside as an elected council member, vice mayor, and mayor. In his spare time, Ned can be found swimming in the bay or hiking in the Santa Cruz mountains with his family. He holds a BA in English from UCLA and a JD from Loyola University, Chicago School of Law. 


Ymmat Gonzales
Math Teacher, Advisor, & After School Coordinator

Ymmat is an international teacher from the Philippines. For the past 4 years, she has taught in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, as a Middle and High School Math Teacher. She comes from a family of educators and being a teacher is something she has dreamt about since she was a child. While at university, she heard the quote: “Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This paved the way for her to be the kind of teacher she is now. She focuses on building positive relationships with students in order to have a foundation of respect, care, and discipline. She pushes her students to their limits and guides them to reach their highest potential. In her free time, she loves to go on road trips and adventures with her family. She also loves watching movies and doing activities that involve solving puzzles and analytical thinking. Lastly, she is a huge fan of Super Mario and loves her Nintendo switch!

Adam Moreno
Science and Drama Teacher
Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Adam has been a theatre director, drama teacher, coach, camp director, pastor, and most recently, a published author and educational consultant. With his diverse background working with learners of all ages and his extensive exploration of youth mental health and social-emotional learning, Adam leads with intention to empower holistic development and well-being, both within the formal classroom and beyond the walls of school. Thanks to his innovative efforts, Adam has the honor of running professional development workshops and presentations at national conferences and within school districts all over the country. Outside of his role in educational leadership, Adam has many passions. He loves the arts and can often be seen on stage singing, dancing, and acting in local community theatre productions. He loves outdoor adventures and has trekked to the base camp of Mount Everest and the Patagonia in Chile, canoed the rivers, cycled the bike paths, and hiked the trails of northern Wisconsin, and skied the slopes of the Rockies. Adam loves sports and can be heard cheering on his beloved Packers, Bucks, and Brewers! He also has a passion for high-level thinking, strategic board games and is looking forward to exploring the possibility of Game Club at school. He is excited to make new friends, explore new places, and build a new home here on the peninsula!

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