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Founding Teacher Positions 

Peninsula School for Boys is looking for two full-time faculty members to teach a pioneer class of 18 6th grade boys for the fall of 2021. Depending on the applications to these positions, one teacher will likely be STEM oriented and one teacher will likely be Humanities oriented. This is a once-in-a-teaching-lifetime opportunity to create a mission-centered and innovative program, forge deep connections with students and their families, and build personal and professional skills by being in on the ground floor of a new school.


We are looking for teachers who:

  • are forever learners;

  • have proven records of creating irresistible classrooms;

  • have expertise in their field of teaching;

  • love working with middle school boys and find connection to our school’s mission;

  • have an open heart and mind;

  • represent the rich diversity of the peninsula, are dedicated to equity and inclusion, and work toward cultural humility;

  • guide students in their emotional as well as academic growth;

  • possess the organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills necessary to be an effective teacher and colleague; 

  • take initiative, work passionately and joyfully, take on leadership roles as needed, and collaborate effectively with diverse constituencies; and

  • have contagious integrity & humor.


Duties include:

  • teaching (in person) a competency-based program that is a  inquiry- and purpose-based, learner-centered, and aligned with core standards appropriate for the subject;

  • attending to all regular duties of school life: attend and possibly lead school programming, participate in staff meetings, write comments and lead student led conferences, teach co-curricular activities that are aligned with you and the students’ interests, supervise students outside of the classroom like lunch and recess, etc. (all within an appropriate footprint of a full-time position);

  • collaborating with the other teacher(s) to ensure a cohesive program;

  • Participating in recruitment activities like a few information evenings and one Saturday assessment of incoming students;

  • leading an advisory group of 10 - 12 students; and

  • co-chaperoning an outdoor education overnight trip and a school dance(s).


The perks of being a founding teacher include:

  • having the ownership and inspiration to build a curriculum designed for this mission, at this time, with your expertise;

  • knowing that what you create has immediate impact on the mission and life of a school;

  • being part of a loving, flexible and inspired community who are “all in it” together;

  • seeing immediate results, feedback, and impact on the community you serve; 

  • Boosting a resume by taking on additional administrative duties that match your skills and the needs of a growing school; and

  • building lifelong relationships with the founding classes of students and families.


Peninsula School for Boys sparks curiosity, builds integrity, and inspires change. Through hands-on, dynamic, integrated projects, PSB supports middle school boys to build:

  • awareness of their talents, how they respond to challenge, opportunities for growth, their impact on those around them, and the roles they play in their families, communities, and the world;

  • confidence to explore, be vulnerable, challenge themselves and others, try new things, be creative, and express their authentic selves;

  • connection with their peers, their teachers, their families, and their community; and

  • purpose to use what they learn about themselves and the world to create positive change.


The curriculum is designed to address the unique academic, developmental, and social/emotional needs of boys during their middle school years. We firmly believe that our community needs a school invested in supporting boys on their journey to becoming exceptional men.


The school is currently in the admission season selecting our pioneer class of 18 students for the fall of 2021. The following year, the school is projected to increase to approximately 50 students (6th and 7th grades). As the pioneer class then becomes 8th graders, the school will likely be around 100 students. Families come from all parts of the Peninsula and the school is dedicating 20% of its revenue to tuition assistance, which is almost double that of its competitor schools.


The founding team has unique expertise in building independent, single-sex schools from scratch, and is endlessly passionate about bringing this model to the current boys and future men of the community. In short, we get stuff done and done really well—and we have fun while doing it!



The salary is highly competitive with other Peninsula schools. Benefits included.

Please submit your resumé and cover letter to





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